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Flow Yoga

This class will guide you through various poses to open the body, build strength and relieve stress.  We will explore sun salute variations, standing poses, bends, twists and breathing exercises.  Come prepared to work, play and rest.  This class is for students with some yoga experience.

Teacher: Amanda Sharrai, E-RYT 200

Slow Flow

This is a slow-paced flow class that focuses on the fundamental poses of yoga.  Instruction provides detailed attention to breath, alignment and the deeper meditative aspects of yoga.  This is a class suitable for anyone ready to discover or deepen their practice.

Teacher: Elizabeth Chamberlain, E-RYT 200

Power Flow

This is a vigorous class designed to develop strength and mobility in the body and mind, and an overall sense of well-being and peace in the flow of life.  By focusing on breath and technique, this class will take those comfortable with the fundamental poses of yoga to the next level!

Teacher: Elizabeth Chamberlain, E-RYT 200

Restorative Yoga

This is a meditative and slow-paced class in which postures are practiced laying down or against the wall.   Postures are done with the support of props and verbal instruction to guide the student into the sensation and flow of energy in the pose, as well as the deeper meditative aspects of yoga.  This is suitable for students of all levels.

Teacher: Elizabeth Chamberlain, E-RYT 200

Morning Flow

A morning class for all levels that emphasizes the integration of breath with movement. Emphasis will be on correcting postural alignment and increasing endurance and flexibility. The class will include restorative poses at the end.

Teacher: Jennie Klein

Focused Flow

Increase concentration and strength in this slower paced flow class. Focus on building the mind and body connection as you move and breathe deliberately through poses.

Teacher: Holly Fitch

Hatha Yoga

 Hatha yoga refers to a set of physical exercises (asanas) designed to align the muscles and bones and open the many energy channels of the body, especially the spine, so that energy can flow freely. Hatha yoga is intended to create a balance of strength and flexibility in the body as well as a balance of effort and surrender in each asana. A powerful tool for self-transformation, Hatha yoga requires that one pay special attention to the breath, which helps calm the fluctuations of the mind. This allows the practitioner to become more present in the unfolding of each moment, resulting in more awareness and relaxation.  Students can expect to develop body awareness and explore varied postures in a mixed-level environment.

Teacher: Serena Popoae, RYT 200

Tai Chi

Tai chi or Taiji originated in China. It is a slow moving exercise that is good for all ages with or without experience. When practiced right, it promotes balance, flexibility, stamina, and improves your overall immune system. It has deep spiritual roots that can be traced thousands of years. It is regarded as one of the three martial art forms that use internal power. The other two forms are Xingyi and Baguazhang.

Teacher: Mamerto “Lagitan” Gayaman Tindongan, Sculptor/Mumbaki & Victoria Mitchell Taylor

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