Thai Massage

Energizing Bodywork

After teaching and practicing Yoga at Inhale Yoga Studio in Athens, Ohio for about 7 years, Liz decided to deepen her work and create new opportunities for healing by training at The Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, The Thai Institute of Healing Arts in DC and completing an immersion training in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Thai doctor Sarayut Roylance.  Liz’s training finds its roots at the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand under the lineage of Shivagakomarpaj.  The practice of Thai Massage involves deep pressure between muscles, deep pressure between muscles and bones, joint mobilizing movements and full body stretches.  Her familiarity and experience with Yoga informs her ability to feel the breath/body connection of her clients, to understand the alignment of the stretches and to feel the connections between different parts of the body.  The result is energizing and balancing.  It is often considered lazy man’s yoga!

About Scheduling

To schedule a session call us or Click to Book Now.  Before your appointment you will fill out a client registration form online so that we can make the most of your visit.  On the day of your appointment wear comfortable clothes and don’t eat too much in the 2 hours prior to your massage.  Once you arrive we can provide whatever you need.  After your massage you are invited to relax and enjoy the beautiful grounds of Bodhi Tree Guesthouse!


Thai Bodywork Pricing Information

90 minutes   –   $98*
2 hours   –   $130*
Series of 3 90-min. sessions   –   $265*
Series of 3 2-hour sessions   –   $300*

*Plus Tax

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