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Bodhi Tree Guesthouse & Studio is a Buddhist-inspired retreat for locals and out-of-town guests.  We have rooms available for nightly stays and a studio that offers meditative and therapeutic services.  “We” are Russell & Liz Chamberlain, and opening Bodhi Tree has been a joint creative process.  Having discovered our contemplative paths independently, we developed a united direction and vision on this project.  Both of us have found personal insight through our practices, and see that practice as an ongoing element of our daily life.  Our desire to share the depth and richness we experience in daily life inspires us in shaping the experience for each and every guest.


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Having lived a varied life as an English professor, father, farmer, artist and real estate broker, Russell began meditating in 2011 after a personal crisis.  He found the practice to be “grounding in a sea of trouble.”  His inquiry developed further out of an interest in consciousness, human behavior and neuroscience.   While devouring books on those topics, he was continuously led back to the cushion.  Eventually he was inspired to find a community to help deepen his practice and offer some guidance, and so began attending classes and training in meditation at the Shambhala centers in Columbus, OH and Pittsburgh, PA.  His practice includes independent study, daily sitting meditation and yoga.


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Liz began practicing yoga in 2006.  Having been a student of philosophy and psychology she was immediately drawn to the practice and began studying it daily.  As a yoga teacher she has explored various styles of vinyasa (flow) yoga, with an emphasis on alignment, breath & bandhas.  As a meditation practitioner, she has explored just sitting and meeting life as it is, occasional dharma talks by Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach and has attended several silent retreats with buddhist teachers Karen Maezen Miller & Tara Brach.

Although Bodhi Tree Guesthouse & Studio is intended to be a place where reflection and healing are encouraged, we do not proselytize or promote any particular path, Buddhist or otherwise.   We simply want to provide a place where our guests feel at home.


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